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Documentation update and the De-GNU-ification

Thanks to Michael Kohl, yesterday night I finally removed the old Gentoo/Alt documentation and linked instead to the new Gentoo/Alt handbook 🙂
I’ve also updated a few bits of the documentation, starting from removing the SVN mirror that’s no more available, and then updating the notes about the bindnow-flags function usage.

Today, I’m going to read it more again, and see what I can improve on it. There are a few topics that needs extensions.

As the bugs for de-GNU-ifying the tree wasn’t so successful after a while, today I’m going to fix things the hard way: I’ll just remove cp -a calls and similar from ebuilds, and make sure they works fine, and commit them.
Hope I won’t upset anyone, but that’s something I have to do to get Gentoo/Alt rolling.

For side notes about another previous post, I was able to build wine correctly now, but I needed a) to export CHOST and CBUILD to x86 values on ebuild b) to install binutils for x86 via crossdev to be able to select it with eselect binutils. After this, wine built fine. Now the problem is how portage is supposed to handle that out of the box, without requiring users to build cross-binutils.
And for who’s wondering how debuginfo works here, I’ve 557MB of debug data right now, with just a few packages actually.. the most important being kdelibs, that allowed me to get a decent backtrace from KDigest failure; Richard Dale is currently looking at that as he can reproduce the bug. I hope it can be fixed before 3.5.1, so that I can actually release KDigest then 🙂
Now, to check better, I’m rebuilding ruby, qt, smoke, qtruby and korundum with debuginfo, hope that would turn out good.

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