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KDigest on hold

Yep, I’m taking KDigest in Ruby on hold. Reason? kdebindings 3.5.0 is still too young to be used successfully. A part the problems I already reported, first with ruby 1.8.4 and then with and then with a missing marshaller (that I anyway got around by removing the file selector panel), now I’m getting a big problem with KFileTreeView, that reaches kicking up a PAX killing.

Trying to check the bug with rbkdesh, seems like I also discovered that’s basically useless right now, as you can’t create KDE bindings anyway, as Richard Dale stated on kde-bindings mailing list.

It’s unfortunate, because Ruby it’s a really good language, and QtRuby/Korundum could be really a killer application for it, as the PyQt bindings are not exactly the best package I’ve seen (building a 10MB C++ unit is crazy!). I had in mind other things that, using Ruby, would be simpler than coding in C++ directly, but until the bindings are safer, it’s difficult to do something complex without stumbling across problems, small or big as they are…

I’ll continue looking at it though, trying to track down the crash I’ve found with solar’s debuginfo patch. I don’t want to leave it alone so easily 😉

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