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Gentoo/Alt Overlay no more available in SVN

It’s a sad news, but carpaski’s SVN mirror is now no more updated, so until a new solution is found, the SVN mirror of Gentoo/ALT overlay is stuck on an old version and unusable. For this reason, the only way to get the overlay, as stated in Gentoo/Alt documentation, is to use the daily snapshot present on the mirrors.

Just a friendly reminder: if you use the daily snapshot, get rid of the old copy of the overlay before extracting the new one, because we delete packages from time to time: in the last days I’ve got around removing a bit of packages from overlay, to minimize the occupied space.

On a side note, I broke my installation, again 😛 I patched the libc trying to get sandbox working, but it does not work as I hoped, and the result is that now I have to restore farragut with a FreeSBIE LiveCD.. I’m getting used to it 😛

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