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Overlay snapshots & DragonFly

First of all, a news for everybody who had problems in the past weeks with the Gentoo/Alt overlay’s snapshots and the “Invalid keyword” x86-fbsd. After a downtime on lark (the CVS/SVN server), the snapshot generation gone byebye, and the latest commits was lost, these commits included the support for overlaid arch.list (thanks to bbj for the patch).
So, update the overlay from the snapshot, and re-emerge portage to see going away the portage warning.

On a parallel note, Robert Sebastian Gerus (arachnist) resumed work on Gentoo/DragonFly, that would be the fourth Gentoo/*BSD port πŸ™‚ What makes me wonder a bit is that 3 out of 4 ports are currently managed by polish (thunder for Gentoo/NetBSD, reb -with an open dev bug- for Gentoo/OpenBSD, and now arachnist).
The first code to support DragonFly started making his way into the tree (as usual, egetent, enewuser and enewgroup fixes), and I’m waiting for him to submit a few more patches in the next days πŸ˜‰
Keep it up with the work, Robert! πŸ™‚

My publisher still has to pay me, sigh πŸ™

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