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confcache 0.3.3 and tracebacks after installing libs

Just a quick note for the interested confcache users, that might find this post useful.
Today I noticed on the ibook that confcache was tracebacking after every new package; I seen a similar behavior on the modularx chroot I’m working with.

I looked at the traceback, and the reason is an invalid float parameter.. seems like Brian got tired writing it, and wrote a %f instead of %s when printing the ‘f’ variable (“%f blabla” % f)…

So the solution is simple until a new version of confcache gets into portage: just edit /usr/bin/confcache, at line 260, change %f to %s and save, the tracebacks when installing new libraries will go away 🙂

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  1. Hey, thanks for the nice tip. I’ve been using confcache since 0.3, and I really like it. Poke ferringb so that we can get this into the next version. 🙂

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