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Laptop cleanup

Not my laptop this time, I found a little job to get a few euros, an old used laptop to cleanup, to make it usable by its new owner without problems and mess ups.
A part a bit of problems as the CMOS battery gone away (that’s why I like having a multimeter at home, it’s useful to check the status of batteries), now I’m wondering what I should install on it.

The person going to use this is not a geek, and needs something simple; I’m probably not going to have to do service for him after this time, so I don’t have the need to put there something that would be simpler to me to administer (that’s what I do to people that I have to support later, so in that case would have been gentoo the choice), so it’s a bit of an experiment.

Currently I’m thinking between Ubuntu, Mandriva and Kubuntu. The first is for sure one of the most impressive projects in the last years for newbies and people that are not interested in become techies, the second was my own starting point (with Mandrake 7.1) and use KDE that’s a pro for me (as I know it way better than gnome), and Kubuntu that would join the pro of the two, hopefully.
I’m downloading the live of KUbuntu now, I should have an Ubuntu live but I think it was for PPC, so I’ll re-download it, while of Mandriva I have a CD-Set from a magazine.

Oh well, it would be an interesting work to do, I just hope that the internal modem works fine or I’ll have to tell the person to buy a PCMCIA card, and that might mean that it won’t take the laptop at all and look for something better (I hope to be paid anyway).

Well going to torrent now, also if lately I saw rtorrent failing from time to time, seems to be related to GCC 4, I have to look for a way to debug that better.

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