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Conversion status

As I already blogged, I’m rewriting my KDigest application using Ruby and Korundum bindings for KDE.
I must say, the work is simpler than what I was expecting, the calls seems also more logical, and after a couple of problems now I’m able to do quite everything the old KDigest did.
Unfortunately the creation of digests is getting difficult, as one of the methods I was using it’s not available on Korundum, but I found an interesting way that might be also simpler to use from user perspective.

The icons are still the dummy ones provided by KDevelop as my graphic skills are under the definition of “low”; I’ll see to open a new project at BerliOS later (not with Konqueror as a bug prevents Konqueror users to open a new project on BerliOS 🙁 ).. if somebody wants to join, it’s obviously welcome 🙂

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