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Rewriting in Korundum…

Okay, tonight I wanted to take a break from Gentoo work and start something that would be pleasant and useful to learn something new, so I tried converting KDigest in Ruby. Why in Ruby? Because I like it, and it’s simpler to debug, and as the standard library should already provide the functions for CRC, MD5 and SHA1 I need, it’s probably simpler to implement than in C++.

The first problem is that I never worked with Korundum before, so I had to learn from example; the second is that the examples wasn’t working… thanks to Caleb, I didn’t waste all the night debugging that, when I asked him, he told me to try with Ruby 1.8.3, and now I’m actually using that, as 1.8.4_pre1 breaks QtRuby, sigh.

Anyway, in less than 3 hours I converted the GUI initialization functions from C++ to Ruby!
Tomorrow I’ll start with the true code, I hope I’ll be able to recode most of it leaving the same base architecture, then I’ll import everything on an SVN locally, and see to restart the work on this application that might be of help to someone, I hope 🙂

Oh by the way, I really like the laser printers that can print without too much noise on 2am without waking up my parents 😛

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