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The importance of documentation

I already talked about the need I feel of a more complete documentation for Gentoo’s packages, not users ide but more maintainer side. I’m also trying to look at what other distributions do about packages, but I failed finding proper documentation about them. They keep changelog, but finding a description for the applied patches does not seem to be available for most of them.

Instead, the documentation for package maintainers can really help maintainers of other distributions, too, by talking about the main quirks of a package, as there might be lots of things that upstream consider in a way but needs to be done in other ways to have a working package.

The only thing I see that have some information is Debian Package Tracking System, that’s anyway not expressive enough for what I’m looking for.

We share lots of patches with other distributions, but the patches are often dug up when we have a big problem and we don’t know what to do; having a way to comment a document the package management would help sharing the resolutions for common problems, and would waste less time.

Anyway, I’ve added more documentation on sound project, but I still have no clue where to put documentation for bsdtar, rtorrent and netatalk. If I can’t find anything, I would probably put them on my website, but that’s not handy in the same way as the project pages are 🙂

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