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The hard(ened) jump

I’m trying to understand better the security concerns of solar and spb, after last week “fight” we had; while I don’t have time to study in-deep what the DT_TEXTRELs do, and why they’re bad, and while I still don’t use hardened toolchain (I’m on GCC4, I can’t use it anyway :P), I’ve done a quite big jump for me, and I’m currently using hardened-source kernel.

I’m also going to start fixing KDE’s -Wl,-z,now problem but that would require a bit of hacking here and there, as I’d like to have a solution that can be applied upstream, and I need to find who to bug for it without having to re-subscribe do kde-devel mailing list (as I don’t have time to follow it 🙁 ).

I’m anyway going to pay more attention, trying to find more time for problems with hardened and my packages in the future. I find leaving IRC for a while helpful to find more time. I’m working, yes, but I’m also relaxing watching Anime and TV series, and I have time for the small part of real-life that’s not sucking for now.

Oh and as I remember my main concern for switching to h-s was with nvidia drivers, I’m currently using xorg-x11-, with dlloader, and binary nvidia drivers, and X is working fine as usual, so unless there’s black magic going on that I’m not aware of, it’s working fine. Good to see, eh? 🙂

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