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Oh how useful is syslog!

Okay today I was trying to do the less job possible for Gentoo as it was my birthday. I had anyway to employ some time in looking for mail logs as I tried to limit the quantity of spam received because of Sober.* virus.

I must say, I love syslog; I use metalog locally, as it allows me to avoid logrotate while not having 20MB logs, and everything that passes through it is correctly categorized. The problem is with the other logs that gets added to the /var/log directory without pass through anything.

So, pretty please, if you’re going to write a daemon… please add syslog support to it at least as an option 😉

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  1. I too like metalog. I typically use very little ~x86 software on my machines. but lately, after I’ve updated world, metalog refuses to run. it crashes with some weird glibc message. so basically I’ve been forced to switch to syslog-ng and I hate it.

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