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Driving’s bad… little break

Okay, yesterday I had a sort-of-driving exam… sort of because the examiner let me wait for 40 minutes in the car, and it was very cold, so when she asked me to move, I was half-assed because of the cold and the upsetting of remaining there waiting. She then let me drive only for 3 minutes before rejecting me 😐

Also, I took a cold waiting later in the cold rain because of a misunderstanding between me and my father who should have took me home after the exam, so I wasn’t feel well at all, and yesterday I had to avoid the LinuxDay (was having fever). I’m sorry for the ones who came there looking for me, but if they still wanted to see my presence on Gentoo or even elsewhere, I wasn’t having so much options ^^;

By the way, as Friday was a lot upset because of the exam, so I had a bit of a fight with solar, probably because of misunderstanding there, too, and I’m sorry for that. I’m still a bit pissed off by Mark’s comment, who said I just care about my arch, as I consider it an offence, given how much time I spent in the past months for Gentoo as a whole.
The problem is that if I don’t get a bugreport, I can’t possibly know what problems are in other arches. And after formation of x86 arch team I did not start reiterating over all the bugs to see if people asking for patches applied are now part of the x86 arch team.

Anyway, I’ll be off-irc for a while, also because tomorrow is my birthday, but I’ll try to cope at least with the basic bugs of vlc and xine when they come.
If people needs me, I’ll be reachable by mail and Jabber.

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