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Cleaning up misc patches

After adding a few more patches for xine-lib, today I thought it was case of cleaning up other misc patches that I had lying around. I started with flac as it’s a package patched a lot to get it working fine on Gentoo.
Unfortunately while I was trying the patches I just cleaned up, one failed to work fine with epatch, that seems to ignore it and skip that file, I hope Mike can fix it soon 🙂

In this cleanup mood, I was also able to find the solution to the last PPC problem with libdts! Basically until now we had two patches for libtool support on libdts, one was the default relying on libtool… the other was forcing -fPIC to get it working fine on PPC. Looking at a52dec (which is what libdts derive from) I found that we had to patch it to avoid a -prefer-non-pic flag to build non-PIC libraries… looked at libdts, found the same like, and once I got rid of that I was finally able to remove the second patch using only one 🙂 YAI!

I like when I’m able to decrease the count of the patches in the tree, also if many times I need to add one more ebuild+digest to add improvements (like I’m going to do with flac) that actually adds files to the tree….
Oh well, tomorrow i’ll try to get a few more packages cleaned up, or at least I’ll try!

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