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xine-lib lifting

Okay, the original 1.1.1 release had only three patches in Gentoo’s patchset. Unfortunately this was not doomed to continue.

The current patchset is a bit bigger, but the patches are actually quite simple, and are all sent on xine-devel (waiting for responses from upstream).

Unfortunately Stephen found out that xine-lib does not work fine with hardened systems, in partcular it has a lot of TEXTRELs… that is mainly due to ffmpeg code that can’t be fixed easily, so we can do little or nothing about it. In the mean time, it can’t work with FEATURES=stricter.

I also wrote all of this in xine maintainer’s guide I’m trying to maintain.

The 26th of this months, a part the Gentoo Day / Linux Day at VELug, I’m taking the driving exam, one chance, if I don’t pass it, I have to restart from theory, and that would suck. So I hope it will go fine, as I don’t really have the will to restart again.

I’m going to try to document every thing I do, unfortunately, things like bsdtar or rtorrent are difficult to document as they don’t really belong to a specific project.
I would really like help with that.

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  1. I just read the xine maintainer’s guide.Despite being a “mere” user, I found it to contain invaluable insights.Keep up the good work.

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