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Playing with Modular Xorg

Okay, after a few problems with modular Xorg and FreeBSD, I wanted to start playing with it on a Linux system. I first installed it on the iBook, making it a bit experimental, while stable. I have to say it works quite fine there, also Xcomposite seems to be stable. The biggest problem I’ve seen was KControl missing the keyboard’s layout using Modular Xorg (#51096), but I fixed that on KDE SVN and committed a patch to Portage to let it work fine on modular Xorg (the commit was tagported to rc2 so next KDE version is going to use that).

I wanted also to try it out on the desktop; unfortunately because of the keyboard I use here, I’m using an hacked up evdev driver, to allow keycodes > 255, and the code of evdev changed at the point my hack does not apply anymore. I hoped the problem was already fixed, but it was not. So I’m not going with Modular Xorg on this box for a while still.

Oh btw, please do not submit any more bugs for media-video or sound packages to fix Xorg modular’s deps, as the idea of using virtual/x11 was wrong and did not consider the way portage is designed right now. I won’t apply any change to deps until that is sorted out from portage or X11 devs. Donnie found another way to solve this, hopefully, but I’ll wait before using it to make sure it really works this time.

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