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Resuming the FreeBSD works

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Okay after a bit of time while I had no time or will to work on Gentoo/FreeBSD, today I restarted, after reviewing Wikipedia’s articles, tonight I started looking at some details, before starting the trouble on GCC again.

I found out that pw as using the wrong place to get the skel files from: while Linux uses /etc/skel directory, and bash ebuilds installs there, FreeBSD still used /usr/share/skel, ignoring bash files.
It also used for files, instead of .name, so I thought I had to patch both pw and freebsd-share. Luckily, pw respects .named files, and it have a handy configuration file to select where the skeleton is looked up from.

I’ve committed the new freebsd-usbin already, I’m going to commit freebsd-share too, soon.

About the GCC issue that is blocking Gentoo to get into FreeBSD 6, the problem lies on us being unable to upgrade to decent binutils. If somebody knows about binutils internal and wants to help us splitting up the path patch from FreeBSD’s patch, it would be really welcome. Just mail me,
or leave a message here, and I’ll tell you the details.

Thanks everybody 🙂

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