kaskpass and SSH

Okay my iBook is taking form with KDE 3.5, and all the needed utilities for when I’m not at home. I don’t really want it to be any kind of development box, it needs to be stable as I want it to be the work box.
It’s also a quite sealed box, as I don’t want it to be a server of any kind, so I’m using UberLord’s firewall script to close everything but ipp (for CUPS broadcasting).

The main problem I’ve seen yesterday at VELug is that I wasn’t having a way to SSH my home computer as I just use a public key access. The problem is that I don’t like re-adding the same passphrase every time, and I don’t feel like using permanent ssh-agent on a laptop.
The solution I’ve found now is to use kaskpass, a ruby script that uses korundum to use as replacement for x11askpass, using KDE’s Wallet to store the passphrase.

Now I trust more KDE’s Wallet than a perpetual ssh-agent, as I can stop it by just locking the session, and it’s anyway protected by a shorter password (that I can type quicker than the passphrase), but I don’t like having on the laptop the public key of Gentoo’s CVS so I’ll just open a new one.

Oh unfortunately my driving exam was moved from 29 to 26 November :| That sucks.

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