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For an ILS-free world

Seems like I’m going to add another rant to my blog, and this is the second time that I have to rant about ILS.

What is this time? I already told ya about the Italian Linux Day and the talks I was supposed to do there, about Gentoo/FreeBSD. Today, VELug received a mail from Mr. Gianluca Trimarchi (supposedly from ILS and from Trieste’s LUG) telling us that some of the talks were not right with the guidelines.

The first guidelines stated (english translation follow):

“Tra gli obiettivi sono esclusi la promozione di software proprietario, di
Software Libero non disponibile anche per Linux, di altri sistemi operativi
anche se distribuiti con una licenza libera.”

“In the objectives are excluded the advertisement of proprietary software, of Free/Libre Software not available for Linux, of others operating system also when distributed under a Free/Libre license.”

That excludes my talks on FreeBSD (and the ones on OpenBSD). This was not the case last year, that’s why I wasn’t aware of such a stupid guideline and accepted to be part of the organization of LinuxDay.

For an ILS-free world, for a world without elitism and “we don’t see more than our nose” assholes…


If some Italian developer see this page, and thinks that ILS rules over the LUGs and the organization of events in Italy are foolish, please link this page or put a copy of the logo on your blog or on your page.
And if somebody from ILS is getting pissed off by this… well fuck you! You and those who tries to ruin the fame of Free/Libre Software Developers all over Italy with their elitism and bullshits!

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