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Finalizing the Gentooification

Okay, the Gentooification of my iBook is completing, yesterday I finished compiling KDE, I set up the FBSplash logo at startup (leave me a bit of eyecandy on that :P), configured KMail, and installed Konversation and Kile.

The sleep mode works like a charm, and distcc helps quite a bit. Unfortunately, I’ll have to get the HD changed as it’s still warranted, but I’ll do that after LinuxDay, as I need the laptop there. Before going to assistance I’ll backup the box with one big tar command on the main box, so that I can re-setup it just reconfiguring yaboot. The OSX part was just freshly installed, so I don’t need anything more than copying again the Library on a newly installed version.

Now I’m having a problem to share data between enterprise and voyager-linux. To share between OSX and Linux I use netatalk, as it does not require super-user support or anything else, but this is not the case on Linux, as KDE does not have an afp kio_slave afaik.

A solution could be NFS, but I don’t know if I can ask it to ask me an user/password couple when I try to access a given share, so that I can authenticate within Konqueror.

Fish is not a solution: I don’t want to have ssh-agent running on the laptop for security and I just have key-authenticated access to my main box.

I’m thinking about setting up samba again and use CIFS for sharing, as it can be used as a KIO slave, but that would mean having a low low low speed ๐Ÿ˜
Does anybody have alternatives?

On a side note I’m testing Brian’s confcache. To work on KDE it needed to change the eclass to do like any other ebuild and use econf, unfortunately this broke KLibido. I’m going to fix that, I must say that if it was breaking this way, it was probably broken by design and was working on a dirty hack ๐Ÿ˜

Don’t use Brian’s workaround to alias ./configure to a function! It will break every ebuild that has a ./configure script that’s not an autoconf script.

Oh I also changed all the tests used on unieject’s configure so that they do cache results. It was quite interesting thing to do anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

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