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Another ALSA update

Okay after the ALSA incident, and my story with the iBook (that is a G4, for who was wondering :), thanks to JoseJX and lu_zero for helping me out on getting it working btw.

Well this morning I wake up (after just 5 hours of sleep, sob), end up the NFS setup of the laptop and start the real emerges… but… alsa-driver won’t emerge, argh!
Okay, after a couple of checks and a lot of annoying questions to lu_zero, we work out the problem is with the way 2.6.14 moves headers around trying to merge PPC and PPC64 arches. Lovely!
I workaround the configure problem and then… the code does not compile. I bother johnm, and then start googling and I find the problem in a patch that was applied to alsa-driver related to a set of about 30 patches that changes deeply the behavior of input drivers. Sigh! After a while bothering lu_zero again, I consider reverting that patch in alsa-driver, and commit the workaround to configure, so now alsa-driver works on PPC. Well actually originally it worked only if you had set ALSA_CARDS=“powermac” or whatever else, because with the default (all) it was going to check the PNP support that is obviously disabled. Thanks for #gentoo-ppc people reporting this, I conditioned that check and now it works fine with just emerge alsa-driver.
There’s still a problem actually: the init.d script does not autodetect the snd-powermac driver as it’s not a pci card, so it does not load it if you don’t add the alias line inside /etc/modules.d/alsa. I have an idea on how to fix this, but I’ll do that later, look forward for a revbump of alsa-utils (in ~arch this time).

This should close the alsa chapter for a while, I hope.

Then i have also two side notes. The first is about Brian’s confcache: I’m currently trying that out with the iBook that’s compiling xorg modular and KDE… for now I’ve seen it boost libtool a lot in xorg. I hope it does the same for KDE as the split ebuilds are an hell to compile ๐Ÿ™‚

The other note regards xine: 1.1.1 version was released, and there’s a 1.1.0-r7 version that fixes the problems found on -r6 (like ogg crashing xine, flac not being loaded, and similar). I’m going now to check which patches should I drop from the patchset as, as usual, xine-lib is released with more patches merged ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks xine guys ๐Ÿ™‚
Wait for it till tomorrow, tho!

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