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Gentooizing the iBook

Okay after about 2 years, it’s time for me to install Gentoo Linux on my iBook πŸ™‚ The driver from Jo, Joseph, Michael and Danny is going to fix the airport problem (and I hope soon), so I have time to getting used to it.

So, as last time I just messed it up badly, also because I had problems setting up yaboot, this time I can always bother lu_zero until I get it working πŸ˜‰

I reinstalled my OSX yesterday night with Grobian’s help to get rid of extra things I installed in the past such as iMovie, AppleWorks and GarageBand, then I partitioned the system to have a 5GB share partition and two partitions with the two OSes.

I prepared a crosscompiler on my AMD64 box to have a distcc-able machine, crossdev rulez πŸ™‚ Now I have 4 different profiles here:

i686-gentoo-freebsd5.4    i686-gentoo-freebsd5.4-3.4.4/vanilla
i686-pc-linux-gnu         x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-4.0.2/x86-vanilla
powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu-4.0.2/vanilla
x86_64-pc-linux-gnu *     x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-4.0.2/amd64-vanilla

After that, I got the livecd and the stage3 unpacked on the new partitions, and started merging glibc and gcc experimental πŸ˜› While I want a more stable system on the iBook, I wanted GCC4, so I needed a decent glibc, and I trusted more the 2.3.6 than the snapshots of 2.3.5. Oh and I wanted eselect compiler πŸ™‚

Now after unmerging nano (i don’t want it :P) and selecting vim as new virtual/editor, I’m rebuilding world with gcc4. It will take time, but I hope it would be done after πŸ™‚

I hope this is the time I can get it working. And if that’s the case, I probably be able to use KDE for my presentations on LinuxDay.

Update: I’m currently running a dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/null following hansmi’s suggestion, as I had errors related to the hda drive and reiserfs, so to check if the errors were caused by reiserfs or by my hdd. If the hdd is faulty… that is going to hurt 😐

2nd update: fixed the authors of driver, thanks Danny for be more precise than me πŸ˜‰ Oh and btw, seems like my HDD has a problem within the last GB, I’ll isolate that for the 26 that I have LinuxDay and then see if it’s the case to get it replaced, depending on the time it would take to have it replaced.

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  1. Diego, this is not my driver. I have only contributed some bits to it.I would have loved to write more, but i had no time for it. Most ofthe work has been done by an excellent reverse engineering team, led byJo Berg and Joesph Jezak (JoseJX), and implemented mostly by Michael Buesch.

  2. if you have a g3 ibook, you may be interested in my site, where i described installing gentoo on my ibook. the site is pretty old now, so some things may be out of date; I don’t have gentoo on it anymore. but there may be some tidbits on there still.

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