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V180 and the cable

Okay, today I felt down, maybe because it was the birthday of a friend of mine that I don’t seem to be able to talk with anymore, so when my sister proposed me to go shopping, I took the chance to buy the USB cable for my V180. 10 euro it costed, for a simple standard cable… oh well 😐

Now, I had already merged moto4lin and tried to use that version (0.3 release). Unfortunately a) it needs to run as root as there’s nothing setting the permissions of both /dev/ttyACM0 and the usb device for libusb to something usable by user but ok no problem.
The 0.3 version, though, don’t seem to work fine for me, it found a lot of unusual stuff in the phone and uploading a midi file it got in the wrong place creating a fake directory structure that i don’t seem to be able to get rid of. The CVS version worked better, and after fiddling a bit with it I was able to set the ring tone to the Neon Genesis Evangelion opening theme I wanted. Tip: remove MyToneDB.db and TempToneDB.db files, then reset the phone.

After this little bit of a problem (I’ll wait to mark ~amd64 moto4lin until I can ask r3pek if he can add a CVS snapshot for it), I’ve looked for a way to access the data on the phone. I first tried kandy but didn’t work, kmobile wanted gnokii that does not support my phone, I tried installing gammu and was able to see it but still kmobile didn’t work. KMobileTools worked way better, I can see my SMS, I can call and hangup, I can also see the battery level, yeee πŸ™‚
The problem is that I don’t seem to be able to sync korganizer or kontact with it, too bad 😐

Oh well, later I’ll see to fix a bit of a problem I found with moto4lin, then I’ll see if I’m able to let it work “out of ebuild” with correct permissions πŸ˜‰

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