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I feel old

I can’t really say why I’m feeling this way. All the pressure I’m having lately to find a job, to take the driving license… is making me feel like I’m getting old.

I feel like I’m going to become older, and older, and older. I feel like I’m really having the weight of the responsibilities on my shoulders.

That’s a strange kind of entry for me, but… oh well.

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  1. You’re what 19? Sorry if that’s outdated info. I’m 22, feel younger yet? I’ve been feeling older lately but I suddenly felt much younger when I was sat in the pub with a bunch of Linux users (from LinuxWorld UK) and the subject of age came up. I was the youngest of the five of us. But hey, getting older ain’t so bad… yet.

  2. Uhh, welcome to real life? 19 ? I’d wager you’ve got yourself some unrealistic expectations of life ahead of you!

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