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When the default is useless

Yesterday I had a looong day and I wanted to relax during the night, watching CSI, The Closer (on TV) and Friends (on DVD).. at one point, I was going to look for an old anime I got on a UDF-formatted DVD, so I put it on and asked KDE to mount and open it.. “Unable to enter folder”.

I started looking, and seems like UDF-formatted disks are loaded by pmount with 007 umask, root:root, so unreadable by anyone but root, by default. The only way to change this is to pass –umask option to command line, but that’s not simple when the call is done by the desktop environment.

“Obviously”, pmount does not have a configuration file, sob.

Yesterday I was too tired for starting hacking at it, today maybe, if I i find time, then I’ll hack it around to add support for a simple configuration file via libConfuse. I hate when software’s default does not feel right for me… but I like when I can change them by myself 😀

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