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The lovely NFS…

Or maybe not so lovely. A bit of background to start: for Gentoo/ALT and in general for portability I have here three machines that uses non-Linux operating system, defiant (Solaris 10), farragut (Gentoo/FreeBSD 5.4) and phoenix (OpenBSD 3.something). To share easily ebuilds or code when I’m hacking at it with quilt (needing GNU userland), I make use of a simple /var/portage NFS export where I have the CVS checkouts of the trees, the distfiles and so on. The share is mounted automatically by defiant as it’s used for portage handling.

Yesterday, I found out that after rebooting with updated nfs-utils I was unable to mount the NFS share from defiant. I had no time yesterday to look at that, as when it fails to mount it it also fails to start (yeah I know I should set a limit to the retries, but whatever), but today I wanted to. Seems like it stopped accepting the box as a known one, stating that it was “unknown” host.

I thought of a problem with NFSv4 so I stepped back to nonfsv4 flag and seen with that, but nothing… after looking a bit more deeply, I found that specifying the exact IP of the machine instead of 192.168.. I was using before, it worked. I tried then the alternative, nothing again. I resolved putting an explicit, that seems to work fine. This makes me wonder if the manpage is, then, outdated…

Anyway, the issue is resolved, and if someone had similar problems, maybe this can help him 🙂

Oh a couple of notes before leaving… thanks to everyone who stepped up for the KDE -arts thing, I was able to resolve with phreak“ anyway, so the problem is gone 🙂

And thanks also to everyone who helped me last night to find a curriculum class in LaTeX 🙂 yes I’m looking for a job… I’m writing an article -in italian- on portability (more comprehensive than the ones I wrote on NewsForge/ before) trying to applying with a magazine… wish me luck! 😛

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