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ALSA update

Okay everyone using ~arch would probably have noted that there’s now a new version of alsa for everyone, 1.0.10_rc2.
Why did I unmask an rc? Well the reason is actually more simple than what you’re thinking: alsa 1.0.9 does not build with kernel 2.6.14. That version actually ships by itself alsa 1.0.10_rc1, and between that and alsa-driver-1.0.10_rc2, I really suggest the latter. Also, if you have an Audigy 2 ZS, you probably want to use that because it’s patched with upstream patch for its DMA support.

Now I’m working on kamix to close bug #109335. Seems like there’s a bit of patching needed.

Oh and by the way, today I refreshed a bit my website. I should probably change the layout into a three colums, tho, as the links starts being a bit cluttered.

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