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I still result in devaway. I’m not really totally away, as I’m still on IRC, on mail, I take a look to bugmails and try to fix the things I know how to fix. It’s more a way to make sure that nobody expect me to be responsive “on the fly” as usual. I hope to remove the devaway soon, but until I take the driving license, I have to spend more time in driving lessons than anything else.

I took anyway the time to clean up a couple of (Italian) articles I had on my site, while I was writing the presentations for Italian Linux Day (that will take place at end of November). Specifically, I restructured the one that talk about using DynDNS to simplify the access to boxes inside and outside a network, that used to explain how to set up DJBDNS, to explain instead how to set up dnsmasq, as that seems to be more suited for the task, and quite performant IMHO.

I also updated the article talking about setting up a local mail server using Fetchmail, maildrop and Courier IMAP, to use instead Dovecot as IMAP server, reflecting what I’ve changed locally.

This is a quite interesting task, as I done this changes after a while I originally wrote those articles, and after changing the software I’m using myself. I think this is a good example of how the time changes the requisites and the solution to the same identical problem. It’s also one of the reasons why I don’t like people that fossilize over a single solution without looking elsewhere.

I should probably try to translate them in English, but I need help with them after the translation (to remove the big screwups with grammar) and spb is slackering also with the last one I asked him to read ;P

Oh well I hope at least the Italian people can read them and find them useful, somehow..

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