daapd alternative

Seems like current media-sound/daapd package has some problems with iTunes 6. Unfortunately, it’s also unmaintained upstream.

I’m now wondering if I should p.mask daapd and give a last rites to it, in favour of media-sound/mt-daapd that seems to work fine with latest iTunes (and it’s actively maintained).

This also comes when I’ve moved from net-misc/ntp to net-misc/openntpd (that finally seems to work fine on Linux, aye!). I love when there are alternatives 🙂

On a personal note, yesterday I said my mobile was dying, well today it died 😐
Now I’m without mobile (and in Italy is not exactly a good thing, as I’m usually in touch with my friends through it). I had a spare Nokia 5110, but it does not work with my provider (as it requires dual-band at least) and it would reject my simcard (32k).
It’s time to look for a new mobile.. the problem is that a Motorola V300 still costs 150 euro… yieks!