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Dying mobile

I’m currently on devaway.. for a couple of days more.. I had to take a break to take again the control of myself. I was able to fix myself about this, but I think I’ll enjoy a couple of days of break again 🙂
I’m not actually away anyway, I’m here, I’m just on reduced workload. I’m looking at bugs, and I try to fix the ones I know… I don’t really look three times at them as I use to do.

I’m also taking driving lessons as I have to take my driving license before December, if I want to move out of this place out of the known world 😛 (and possibly find a job)

But what is the title of this entry? Well my mobile phone’s battery is dying… again.. it lasts about an year before I have to replace it… and it’s the third, it starts getting expensive.
Also my audio amplifier is broken and I almost completely lost the left channel.
And when I’ll have my driving license, I have to find a car…

I need to find a job ;_;

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