Yesterday night I had a sort of party with friends, so I’m currently a bit blurry-minded… not like I drank too much, as I’m abstemious, but just a bit tired. Funny night tho, so I’m also quite happy.
Unfortunately, I basically knew noone there, but that was not so much of a problem after a while…

But this entry has a title, that refers more to yesterday’s afternoon, waiting for my friends to take me up .. 😛

In the last days I’m reading Irregular Webcomic!… and I’m finding it the craziest, geekiest, best webcoming I ever seen 😛
I still think the masterpiece is this one (note, you should be at least a Star Trek geek and probably an Harry Potter fan or at least know the characters’ names to understand this one).

Ok now the question.. what is your favorite webcomic? 🙂

Starts tinkering trying to create a Insanely Overpowered Fireball