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daapd notes

So today I worked on a new stage for Gentoo/FreeBSD to fix the ncurses problem.. it’s probably hitting the mirrors right now. A part that, I started another problem.

I usually leave separated the CDs that I rip to play with amaroK in different directories on different disks, this means that mt-daapd can’t index both of them. I had to turn to mt-daapd because daapd stopped working in stable way with new changes… the problem is probably due to CFLAGS as the problem are not present for many people. I’ll try to investigate more when I have time or find enough people to have a trend, in the mean time mt-daapd is working.

This daemon has a problem, tho, as it requires files to be in the same filesystem, so it does not work with different directories on different disks. What could I do? Simple, I implemented Azarah’s and UberLord’s approach, and started working on the symlinked init.d scripts.
Now I have a beautiful /etc/mt-daapd.d/ directory where I can put <name>.conf files used by /etc/init.d/mt-daapd.<name> init.d (if there’s no name, it uses /etc/mt-daapd.conf as usual).

Unfortunately, there are a few issues for example it uses always /var/run/ file for storing the process id, so I have to hack it to allow me to change the file.

When this will be solved, I’ll prepare a 0.2.3-r1 for everyone’s use 🙂

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