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Status Update (3): Myself

About myself, I have not so much to say actually. Today, is exactly six months that I work as Gentoo Developer πŸ™‚ This is really great, I’m enjoying the development and the people are mostly lovely to work with (a part a few flaming, but as solar said, it’s my fault for taking an “hot seat”, I knew that when I started πŸ™‚ ).

Unfortunately, as my publisher is going to pay me only at end of November, and that money is probably finshed before I can actually see it, between university and driving license, I need to find a job soon… what I’m trying to look for now is if some computer magazine in Italy is looking for contributors… also a simple payment for some article can be enough…

This is linked to the fact that my wishlist, that started up as a funny way to tell people my likes, is filling with useful things that I’m looking for but I still have not enough money to buy.

I’m looking forward to find a job that does not fill my day anyway, as I want to continue working on Gentoo projects.. maybe after I take my driving license I can look for a job where I can work for Gentoo projects directly πŸ˜› No I don’t think so, I’m working on areas with minimum job-related links, and I’m not so good as a programmer or whatever else to be paid for that.

Oh well, we’ll see… I’ll let everybody know πŸ˜›

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