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Status Update (2): Gentoo/FreeBSD

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Been a while since last I updated the status of this project, so here we are 🙂

The first important thing to say is that I was able to set up distcc + crosscc to crosscompile between my Gentoo/FreeBSD system and my Gentoo/Linux AMD 64 system (way faster).

crossdev was the saviour in this case, also if I needed to fix it a bit (thanks vapier for merging the changes). Now is possible to have a stage0 crosscompiler for FreeBSD on Linux. The problem is that freebsd-headers and freebsd-lib are not crosscompile safe, so I have to fix them before being able to have a C++ compiler (that is much needed to recompile KDE again :D).

Modular Xorg is not working yet, but it seem sto proceed well.. I hope anholt can have it working soon, and I trust his work more than the bug wrangling of another well known xorg developer (yeah, I’m still ranting about him).
I also decided to use a chroot for modular Xorg on that machine, as I have enough space there, so that I can give a try to X11 apps using xorg-x11 in the mean time.

The libtool patch that was already applied by libtoolize is now applied by libtool itself (no revbump, just re-emerge libtool to have it applied, so that more libraries get the “new” linux linking style), hopefully the testing will prove that good enough to go on upstream sooner or later.

The gentooalt-m4 idea is gone away, it won’t continue, I’ll change the packages to use simple patch + sed to work, I’ll refine m4 files and see for sending them upstream instead. The package will be removed tomorrow from portage and all its dependant packages will be fixed in the overlay with the new method, after that, I’ll see to send them to main portage maintainers.

A new stage is on mirrors, as my previous stage had a few glitches that were a bit annoying. Also, as libarchive changed soname, the old stage broke after the first libarchive update, no bsdtar, and system quite difficult to manage. For whoever had this problem, just need to symlink to, re-emerge bsdtar, remove symlink. The new stage does not require anything, it’s built by default with

I wish to thank again egore for its Athlon 700, that can run all the day long and the night while building, whilst my Tbird 1000 can’t (too noisy), as that is allowing me to continue the work 🙂

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