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Changing IMAP server

This night I wasn’t able to sleep, probably for the pizza I ate yesterday night (22.20 is too late for that). I wake up this morning and KMail starts NOT showing me my mails.

A part the little enthusiasm for be without bugspam^Wbugmails for today, that was not good. Yesterday I had problems with maildrop, that turned out being a problem with version 2, so I reverted on 1.8, and found out that -Os breaks it. Apple’s Mail wasn’t showing me the mails since a few days. This was enough.

I stopped courier-imap and looked for other solutions, I heard of someone, if I remember correctly was Roy, who moved from courier-imap to dovecot, so I gave it a try… okay the configuration is a bit more complicated than courier’s but… worked quite fine. Now, KMail is more responsive, the organization of the folders is a bit more human (instead of having everything as subdirectory of INBOX), and also Apple’s Mail works fine. Great! 🙂
Now I also have a package and a service less, as I don’t have to use authlib for that..

On the other hand, I worked a bit on daapd, too. I fixed the ebuild as there were a couple of bugs open, I also made sure user CXXFLAGS were respected, and made the init.d working. It worked great.. until I added more music to the archive, and then stopped working. Probably some file is not fine for it :/
Then, I tried looking at mt-daapd. It worked fine, too bad it requires all the archives to be on the same filesystem as it uses inodes to count the files. I think I’ll try to handle that using Roy’s method for multiple services, and then see if I’m able to get more than one mt-daapd running with different music directories.

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  1. Yeah, I recommended dovecote. I need to poke g2boojum to get the latest 1.0_alpha snap into portage.It’s not my method of symlinking to create more services for more granular control – that was in baselayout since probably forever, so if anyone then Martin (azarah) should take credit for it 🙂

  2. if you host mail for other people and want something thats a very powerful and feature rich then cyrus is the king. That said if you are just after something secure that has all the features most people need for a small installation then dovecot is the best.

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