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Maybe not completely useless…

As I already blogged about the day started and continued with a quite bad average mood.. With Luca we started looking for video packages that deserves a rapid (and possibly torturing)^W^W^W death, but in the average, there was no big deals on the horizon.

This evening was instead more productive. With cryos we started looking again at a quite annoying KDE bug with kcheckpass not building on AMD64. Bug that I couldn’t reproduce… and neither cryos, before tonight, at least on its laptop.

Looking at the way the target was compiled, there was no reason why it shouldn’t have worked.. after spending time looking at the Makefiles “in pieces”, I looked at a diff between the two and… well there was a big difference between the two: I wasn’t using –enable-final, while cryos was… so what was the problem?

The problem was (and at the moment, is) within –enable-final handling of per-target CFLAGS. I’ve opened a bug on KDE’s bugzilla to report it, hopefully this can be nailed down before release. We have a simple way to workaround this in case, but I’m not really sure if I want to do that right now, so I’ll hope for the release candidate.

After founding the root cause of this nasty bug, I think the day is not completely wasted, So I’ll enjoy having a working system with 2x1GB swap partitions configured, and I’ll go reading something before sleeping.

On a side note, I almost fixed my site, that should now mostly work on Internet Explorer, too. It might have funky fonts, because of a missing functionality inside Konqueror that masked me a little problem with my XML/XSL files, but I should have fixed it on most of the pages.

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