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Video and Sound needs help

Currently, the video herd is understaffed. We have too many packages and too few developers working on it. Today I cleaned up at least a few recent bugs, and there are packages mainly unmaintained.

DVD::Rip is one of them, but it’s not the only one. I want to try asking here for new developers, before starting moving dvdrip and maybe other packages into maintainer-needed…

There are packages that are mostly unmaintained upstream, some of them are still needed as they are dependency of something else, others might be removed (we still have realplayer binaries hanging around that should go away sooner or later).

The same goes for sound, as there are packages there that are absolutely absurd, or things like xmms that is no more maintained upstream and we don’t have anyone looking at it, mainly.

If you want to help, or to become a developer for media herds, take a look to Video or Sound bugs.
Most of them can be fixed without commit access providing patches that will be merged.

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