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Another piece of documentation

I’m strangely enough being a documentation freak lately.

Not only I reorganized and wrote most of the Gentoo/ALT documentation, but today I started writing some notes for maintainers about xine-lib and related packages.

The reason of all of this is to allow someone who wants to step forward to maintain something to look at those notes, and maintain them updated, so that there’s no need to enquiry me for something that might be trivial.
I’ll do something like that also for vlc and probably amaroK, so that if I’ll be MIA or with reduced time, nothing will start screwing up.

Also, I think tonight I’ll take a deeper look into writing the replacement for GLEP22, I asked on gentoo-alt, but seems like there’s no one that followed the question enough to extract a good summary of that. I asked Chris White to take a look, but I’m not sure if he’ll have the time.

Now this is strange for me, documentation is something I really hated to do, but lately, I’m thinking that my work is useless if I don’t document every step of it for someone else who might come. This is probably due to the fact that I took the place of many people who did stuff without leaving a clue of why they did that, so I refrain from doing the same to someone else.
Also, I think I like GuideXML 🙂

On a similar note, I’ll have also to prepare the other presentation for the Italian Linux Day… Francesco convinced me of doing a presentation out of my “Helping Free Software without being a developer” article (it’s in Italian, published on my site… I know you get the data listing, I have to fix that creating an articles page and redirecting there).

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