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I’m getting tired of TV

Okay, probably for most people TV is already an alias for stupidity… actually, I enjoy watching it from time to time. Some TV series deserves a bit of respect, some film is quite interesting, too, and sometimes we get also good theatre shows here.

Unfortunately I lose most of the “good” shows as they get in the public service channels, and I can’t receive one of them where I live. Also, I don’t have a DVB-T receiver, so I can’t even make use of the subtitle/other language features.

But lately, I’m getting tired of the ““new”” formats they are airing now… starting from realities that I hate (at least they stopped after five Big Brothers), going to shows were people just go begging for their 5 minutes of “glory” (and probably an entire life being laughted at from anyone with at least a bit of brain).

Then there are the new realities with “famous” people… with money rewards… to people that already have a lot of money… okay that would be good if to pay for them are just commercial stations… but public channels, that are forcefully paid by anyone in Italy who owns a TV-receiving device (television, tv card, vcr) or an aerial ….

Also, most of the commercials you see on air are stupid, clueless, idiotic and insulting for the common sense.. and we used to have commercials that inspired new cartoons!

On a different note, I’m starting to feel the need to find a job, but looking for something that would allow me to continue working at this pace on Gentoo Projects is not simple. Also, it’s difficult for me to find something Gentoo-related, as my “working areas” are probably the ones with less possible commercial involvement (Gentoo/ALT, Media-Video, Sound, KDE)..
To be honest, I’m currently looking forward for an Italian magazine to write for… at least I can do something that I don’t completely dislike, and help people at the same time 🙂

Oh well we’ll see.

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