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Cross Dist Compiler

I’m trying to get something working on this side of things, also if I never read the various guide on how to set up cross distcc.
I hope that using the new eselect-compiler from eradicator it would work smoother.

I’ll be back with information about how to use this as soon as I can.

By the way, I’m still working on getting some news for Gentoo/ALT. Unfortunately I suck at writing tech docs that should be a GLEP, and I have at least a GLEP to write.

I have to continue the work, but tonight I needed a break to try to clean up my mind :/

I know this is a stupid blog entry, but was just a way to say that I’m not hanging around…

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  1. Cross compiling is a headache in and of itself. Using distcc makes it really tough. But it can be done. Have you taken a look at crossdev?

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