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That is not working, man!

Not sure if everybody knows that I were working on trying the visibility support in KDE as there is KDE’s bug #109386 that makes it sound like The Best Thing After Sliced Bread!

Well tonight I reached the final stage. I hope the rest of KDE herd, but for me, it will pass a long time before we can talk about visibility support in KDE on Gentoo.
Why? Because there are too many things that needs to be changed, patched and so on.

I had gpg-agent gone crazy, I found out pinentry was not running, I tried recompiling it and what? It failed! I worked around it thinking a QT 3.3.5 change, instead it was visibility stuff, again.

KWord doesn’t work. Reason? Something in QT is not being exported. It doesn’t load. It doesn’t even compile again.

This is a ranting entry like nothing else I did before because I’m quite tired of testing this stuff as everybody says it’s clear, that there was indeed a problem before but it was with Qt, my crashes were caused by a crash in GCC, not fixed till 4.0.3 (patch backported, the crashes are there anyway), that everything is wrong because of something else.

Qt is not ready to have visibility support in the 3.x branch. GCC support is still incomplete, we have bugs. libstdc++ itself doesn’t play nice with it. It’s a bleeding edge feature. And you enable it by default ? Pleeeeease!.

So please don’t go any more further. Visibility support in KDE on Gentoo is not going to be added soon. KDE 3.5 is not safe, Qt 3.3.5 is not safe, nor will be 3.3.6, as the changes are going to be non-trivial.

Said that, I hope this address everyone who wants to ask for this support now because “kde supports it”.

It is not supported enough, it’s too much experimental. Don’t play with it if you want support from us.

Tonight my system will rebuild qt, kdelibs, arts, koffice …

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