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Problems with sandbox and some GNU tests

Okay this is where we start with the problems and we need people.

Sandbox is almost working on Gentoo/FreeBSD. Unfortunately something is not completely right. Probably because we had to not use true getcwd() but the egetcwd() replacement, both findutils and coreutils configure stops at:

checking whether getcwd (NULL, 0) allocates memory for result... yes
checking whether getcwd is declared... yes
checking whether getcwd handles long file names properly...

The solution is to disable sandbox. But this is obviously just a workaround.

I can’t really start working on that with my current tasks going on, so I need help for this.

If somebody is interested in fixing this up, set up a Gentoo/FreeBSD system, and then install sandbox from Gentoo/ALT overlay and finally try to run the test program (you find it in getcwd-path-max.m4 macro file in coreutils sources (inside m4/) directory.

Join #gentoo-bsd at Freenode and I’ll help you if you need. If you have a patch, submit on Gentoo Bugzilla for Gentoo/BSD product (or Gentoo/ALT product, Gentoo/FreeBSD component, when we’ll move to that).

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