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ServoFlame needs help…

Okay everybody, I ask here for a bit of help 🙂

ServoFlame is my own bot on FreeNode (you can see it on some #gentoo-* channels, mainly following me, but not only). It has the interesting feature of being able to access multiple bugzillas, using the XML export interface provided by bugzilla itself.
It’s not so bad, it works fine for most of the cases, but now that I’m running it on Ruby, I have problems with bugzillas that are https only.

The problem is that using ruby open() method with http/https urls fails when the certificate is self-signed, throwing an exception that closes entirely the connection.
Does anybody knows how to work around this problem and tell ruby/openssl just to accept every certificate, valid or not?

Thank you very much for this, it’s something that is really bothering me right now, because it’s the most important feature lost between python and ruby right now :/

[Ok it’s true there are not so many https only bugzillas, but there are a few at least]

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