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Solaris, unieject, unreplied emails

Ok first of all, I was able to complete the installation of Solaris 10 on Defiant, so I have it up and running. The problem was indeed with USB, as was stated on the unofficial FAQs. I disabled it in bios, and the installation proceeded fine.

I must say I’m already hating Solaris layout for installing commands. I have a $PATH variable longer than… $DIRCOLORS. I also find the default tar command quite dumb, so I tried to get bsdtar working… I had to patch it, but then I was able to get it working, yuppie 🙂 No the patch are not in portage, if somebody asks, I sent them to bsdtar author, though, so when there will be some kind of Gentoo/*Solaris it will work… I hope.

Another interesting thing I tried to look at was the access to the CD-Rom devices to port unieject under Solaris systems. I thought it was quite simple, libcdio supports Solaris already, and Schilling (or whatever it’s spelt, sorry but german-like spelling are something over my understanding ^^;) said more than one time that Solaris SCSI and ATAPI interface was the best available on an operating system. Well it seems to me that it sucks in what I wanted. Also the system eject command provided by Solaris itself works only if there is a CD-Rom inside the drive, you get EBUSY when trying to access an empty device. This means that unieject won’t be able to eject empty drives, and probably neither to load the tray of an opened device, so I don’t really think it’s worth to port there, as eject is anyway already provided by the system.

Closing with a more personal note, I have quite a few emails to read and reply in the next days, directly to me and comments from the blog. I hope to be able to get around all of them in the next days, I never received so much emails before 🙂

P.S.: if you see my name misrepresented on Planet Gentoo/Gentoo Universe pages, it’s probably because of a change in webserver configuration, hope Infra can fix that soon :))

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