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Another status update

In the last days I find less time for blog in a timely fashion, so I have to resort to use this status updates that involves both personal and Gentoo Related topics. I hope nobody gets bored by them too much.

We’re reaching the two weeks of my leadership of Gentoo/ALT project, and it is proceeding, while with some misunderstanding that mines its continuing progress.

The new overlay is going to be testbed for a few changes we’re goign to make that might make a few more things to change in the main portage tree. The first and most significant for people working on Gentoo/ALT projects is the ability to use the ebuilds with non-GNU linkers, like is being done on OSX and probably solaris. While the change was a bit of a mess to handle, because of the misunderstandings stated above, we have now a sort of agreement on how to handle the “now” binding of suid binaries might be the final one, I ’ll just have to test it a bit more tomorrow and then I can start working on bringing that to a more spread use.

Unfortunately the Gentoo/ALT tasks in the past weeks thrown me out of the usual work on media-video, sound and so on. I still see the bugs, and I try to fix the urgent ones when I can (and when I’m able to reproduce) but I don’t have time to fix or even investigate everything I see. I’d like someone helping out with that, as we really really really need some enforcement, we’re too few devs for the quantity of media-video and sound packages. XMMS it’s not only discontinued by its own upstream, but it lost also its maintainer on Gentoo, and quite nobody is caring about it lately.

On a different note, tomorrow I’ll take one day off from Gentoo work. I want to find time to get a box up with Solaris 10, as I have a couple of things to test there, maybe I’ll work out on porting unieject there so that it can work on another platform (OSX is still an issue because of libcdio hardcoding the wrong path for the hdiutil command). I also have to clean up my room and get a rid of the mess I actually have all over.

Now see everybody on monday, don’t count on me tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Hey Diego, great to see that the new project leader decision is actually being very productive to the overall development of Gentoo/FreeBSD. I couldn’t be more excited to see that everything is finally moving in the right direction. Great job so far. Anyway, I just stopped by to show you my appreciation. I was told that you had a blog (had no idea) only a couple of days ago, when I start this thread (… praising Gentoo/ALT :POnce I have a little bit more time I intend to show up on your irc channel, since I’ve been following the logs with great interest.Take care.

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