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Preparing a new stage

Looking around to find people to help with the Gnome porting thing, I thought it was the case of looking forward to fix the Gentoo/FreeBSD stage, as Stephen’s lazyness is, as usual, preventing him from doing anything useful 😀

I took its last stage, and then started upgrading it, fixing the stray bugs remaining (like no home for root, wrong permissions on /tmp and /var/tmp, wrong binutils installed, other part of system missing, wget not present, and so on). The result is a 2MiB smaller stage that is going to hit the mirrors as soon as the snapshot of gentoo-alt’s overlay is done and the documentation is updated.

From this point onward, the documentation is way simpler, as it dropped an entire code listing as it’s no more needed. Unfortunately we still miss a decent LiveCD, as FreeSBIE is proving a bit overestimated. Unfortunately, we need to complete catalyst porting before preparing our own LiveCD.

Well hope this would help with Gentoo/FreeBSD core porting that lately is being a bit static (working on fixing troubles with ebuilds more than with the core itself).

Oh I also fixed a bug I found with elibtoolize on FreeBSD, the libtool 1.4.0 was broken as it does not have support for changing the shared object extension, it hardcodes .so and I wasn’t doing so in my patch, that created wrong libraries from expat.. Now this is fixed.

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