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Flameeyes Status Update

Similar to Gentoo/FreeBSD status updates, I want to try to give one status update for myself πŸ™‚

Now it’s 1:15AM, I usually don’t sleep at this time, but I’m tired today because of a lot of things that happened, so I gone in my bed with the iBook and now I’m writing this up.

It’s been now an entire week since my selection as new Gentoo/ALT lead, and I think that the project is taking a breath of fresh air. Pieter was absent for too much time before I took over, so the situation of the project and its sub-projects were very uncomfortable. Now we have a gentoo-alt mailing list and an account on Bugzilla (so now, if you want to follow Gentoo/ALT bugs because you want to port Gentoo on your operating system of choice, you can just eavesdrop -observe- the bugs to get a glimpse of what is being done). We also start getting notes and policies on the project page, while right now they are mostly drafts I worked on, I’d really like some help on them πŸ™‚

On a personal side, I’m getting tired of flames all over, so I’m being much less responsive than usual in FreeNode, mainly because I give priority to work being done and friends over reading what happens on #gentoo-dev lately. It’s not good to see and to say, but after a while I can say that I loose more time following pointless (and not even funny) discussions on #gentoo-dev than talking about funny but useless thing with friends πŸ˜›

I’m also trying to improve my english watching films and series in english without subtitles, but that’s limited to what I can find at a decent price. Just to let anybody there make some laugh with the series I’d like to see, I’ve also updated the funny wishlist (note: it’s a true wishlist, but I know nobody is going to do anything with it, so I try to add just the things that might show part of my usual character.. just to make people laugh πŸ™‚ ).

Unfortunately, I’m not going at the german conference this November, for two main reasons: at the start of November I’ll be at OpenCON, as the organizers are friends of mine and invited me – I’ll be a bit out of my usual environment, as I’m not exactly an OpenBSD fanatic, but I’m always open for learning; then at the end of November there will be Italian Linux Day (and here at Venice it seems like we’ll have also a Gentoo Day with GECHIs); the other reason is that I’m afraid of planes. I haven’t ever flied and I don’t really wnat to try, I’m afraid just of thinking to be in the air. I’ve also already prepared the presentation that I’ll do at the Linux Day, about Gentoo/FreeBSD. I really love LaTeX and latex-beamer is really an interesting package (also if I have to find out why I needed to install it also if it’s said that tetex3 already provide it); unfortunately there’s no blog software that uses LaTeX for formatting ,)

Talking about work processors, I’m going to try AbiWord here on OSX. I like to write some ideas sometimes, but I cannot get them right with a simple text editor, and I NeoOffice/J is too heavy for what I’ll use it for. AbiWord seems to be a good choice as simple word processor on OSX, unfortunately it uses GTK2 under X11, so I won’t ever use it on Linux or FBSD πŸ˜›

Well now is being late, I should decide if I want to read or just try to sleep this way, with earplugs…

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  1. Heya Diego, looks like I’ll be in Italy (from Australia) at the end of November…

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