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Reading Luis Villa’s blog I’ve seen that I’m not the only one that find a little problem with the way GNOME works on releases, that’s good to hear 🙂

This also links to the gnome bug that was recently closed because obsolete (2.10 vs 2.12), and the fact that, for Gentoo/FreeBSD, we still need to fetch the ports patches and get them for upstream.

So again, if somebody would like to join the Gentoo/FreeBSD effort and start working with gnome developers to merge the FreeBSD patches into the main sources, so that the next version would compile without having to patch it like thorn jeans, join -bsd 🙂

Later I’ll merge 2.10 patches into main portage, so that at least that version can compile on G/FBSD, but it would be great having also patches for 2.12.

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