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Gentoo/ALT reorganization

Okay, after yesterday’s meeting, I was chosen as new Gentoo/ALT lead. This means I have to look after a project that was “idling” in the past months, while its two subprojects did similar things in different ways…

After the meeting we started reorganizing the project pages updating the developers’ lists and I asked lcars a new mailing list (gentoo-alt, now in place). I’m planning on a couple of things more that would probably help to coordinate better the two projects, but they needs to be discussed.

I also updated the maintainers’ notes that now are for the entire Gentoo/ALT, and moved on Gentoo/ALT project the common tasks, now I just need developers to join those tasks 😉

The meeting’s log is on the project page as well, and now I’m working for adding more resources.. also the inheritmembers thing seems not to be completely working on higher level, so I have to contact Paul and asking for his help, too 🙂

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