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YES! Finally!

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

Ok here we are, always more and more near to the release of Gentoo/FreeBSD. Today I submitted a patch for portage which makes env-update work fine on FreeBSD with its ldconfig.

I also cleaned up pamd stuff in freebsd-* packages, and created a new profile for x86-fbsd so to be prepared for new arches when they’ll be possible.

As you can see, I’m adding screenshots of KDE running on my (headless, for who is wondering why the krdc stuff above) g/fbsd box.

To do that I needed not only to fix dependencies on PAM for the kde ebuilds, but I also added a patch to kdelibs to make it compile clean (patch also committed on KDE’s SVN), and while i was there I also removed two warnings thrown up on ./configure stage for kdelibs and kdebase (also these committed to SVN).

One of the problems I had was eith eject, because sys-apps/eject is linux-specific, instead for FreeBSD I needed create sys-apps/eject-bsd using port’s misc/eject package.

Oh forgot to say, I needed to rewrite the platform selection for qt ebuild; when the overlaid ebuild is placed in portage, you can compile it on linux, freebsd, darwin and osx, and if on Linux you want to use icc, just set CXX accordling and it will work.

I have G/FreeBSD with KDE… Yuppie! 🙂

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