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Using the Trash transparently in more partitions

I think this is something that can be useful to people to know.
With new trash support, that should be used by Gnome, KDE and XFCE transparently, one can have a trash directory for every partition, so the “Move to trash” action does not take eons to move big files around…
Also if someone can think that this is something that is just for lusers or similar, I think a trash can be helpful, always, as everybody can be not-so-present with the mind sometimes.

So well, what has one to do to be able to use the Trash effectively outside his home, in a partition where he can’t give the user the full write control (like / or /var) ?

Quite simple actually:

sudo mkdir /.Trash
sudo chmod 1777 /.Trash

repeat that for every partition where you want trash support enabled, and there you are 🙂

Ok the real reason I blogged this was to avoid forgetting this again 😛

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